The Adele Dress


This past summer, out of the blue, I picked up a sewing magazine and included with the magazine was a pattern for the Adele dress. I really liked the look of the dress and thought it would be quite suitable for my middle aged body shape and lifestyle, what with its short sleeves, knee length, modest collar-line and most especially - pockets! I think pockets are the best for so many, many reasons like they give you somewhere to put your hands, or your lipgloss, or your toonie for coffee, or your car keys or anything else you need to have easy and quick access to. All this functionality on top of the generally cool, dare I say, groovy, aesthetic of pockets.

Well, back to the Adele dress. It is so named as it looks like a dress Adele, the singer, would wear to a television interview or autograph session.

Well, it has been a long time since I sewed a dress, probably since sewing some inspired Hallowe’en costumes back when my kids were kids. For a some strange reason after I got back from a fabulous trip to France and England I came home sick as a dog with a miserable cold and jet lag. I saw those few days being sick at home as the perfect opportunity to sew the dress between laundry loads and meal preparations. I had been treated like a travelling star and thoroughly enjoyed having my every need taken care of but now that I was home I had the creative urge and I scratched it with this baby.

The fabric I chose was a pleasing floral in hues of indigo and eggplant combined with white and beiges. It was a cotton blend, soft to the touch but quite sturdy. I was already halfway in love just with the fabric.

It took me three days to sew and the pockets were a right pain in the neck, but I completely and wholeheartedly LOVE this dress. It is my favourite dress, and that is saying something. It fits me perfectly (it’s custom made so I should CoCo) and is suitable for pretty much any occasion; it can be dressed up with glam jewels and high heels or dressed down with flats or sandals and a straw purse. I have literally worn this dress to many different occasions this summer; a lipstick creation session at an indie cosmetic house in Burlington called Amanda Steen, and then to a posh restaurant for dinner with my darling sister-in-law Bubba, a bbq hosted by Mr. Groovy’s right hand man and family, Sunday church and grocery shopping. Each time I have worn it I have been complimented repeatedly and usually I confess to having made it. It’s a funny quirk of human nature that when I tell them, 95 percent of the people will look much closer at the stitching and construction than they typically would at a dress.

The biggest delight though is knowing, absolutely, that nobody else will be wearing this exact dress in this exact pattern. The chances are just too slim to even begin to tabulate. I’m gonna say one in a million, easy. No chance of others at the party wearing the same dress as you and looking way better than you do in it.

Being original is nice. It makes me feel as special as this dress named Adele.

Have you sewn a dress lately? Maybe if you try it, you will have a new favourite dress and you can name her whatever you want.