Vidago Palace

The Vidago Palace is a grand hotel that was built over a hundred years ago, in 1910 to be exact. At the time it was the most luxurious on the entire Iberian peninsula and was host to plenty of prominent and even noble clients, including King D. Manuel II at the time of its opening and his brother and father (King Carlos), who both received treatments in the spa.

In the late 1800’s the springs in Vidago were believed to possess medicinal qualities and were able to aid digestion and the area became quite popular. However, the thereupetic qualities of the water were later denounced and the springs were no longer a source of wellness.

This “palace” sits in a forest of ancient trees in the municipality of Chaves in northern Portugal, only 10 km south of the Spanish border. The grounds of this 5-star hotel encompass a golf course and spa and is quite breathtaking.

Mr. Groovy and I spent an idyllic two nights here were he partook in the former and I the latter.

The property was gorgeous, the beds super comfortable and the friendliness and attentiveness of the service was top notch. The food in the dining room was a little too “haute cuisine” for my or my husband’s liking; Mr. Groovy has a healthy appetite and the pretty little blobs of food for each course were merely teaser plates for his manly hunger. On our second night in town we went to Bellissima Pizza-Caffe and enjoyed a hearty and delicious pizza meal for a very reasonable price and left feeling both happy and satisfied.

While I enjoyed our quick stay, there is not much nearby so I don’t recommend this destination if you do not like to drive and explore the surrounding countryside. Within close proximity are a few delightful day trips including vineyards and ancient towns. Mr. Groovy and I did both.